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Mission at the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health

We’re proud to offer comprehensive services dedicated to addressing the relationship, intimacy, and sexual health needs of individuals, couples, and those in partnered systems in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment. Let us help you unlock the power of your personal relationships today.


Ashley Grinonneau, Ph.D., Sex Therapist, Relationship & Sexual Health Coach/Consultant, Sexuality Educator

What We're About:

The practitioners at the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health (OCRSH) provide care for individuals, couples, and partnered systems by assisting in addressing client’s relationship, intimacy, and sexual wellness needs. At OCRSH we are committed to an inclusive approach, with the utilization of a sex therapy and sex coaching/consultation approaches, that are designed to frame sexuality as a part of the whole person, gender-expansive folx and cis-gendered persons alike. The said approaches are used to address client’s goals for treatment while also deconstructing the marginalization and stigma that exists around relationship and sexual health challenges in most large and small systems within the world in which we, as humans, live. Although it is not always discussed, negativity around sexual health and wellness exists in communities, churches/places of worship and prayer, healthcare, schools, and in a majority of workplaces. It is our mission to provide a positive, non-judgmental approach to whatever challenge you are facing or whatever joy you wish to celebrate that would be hard to discuss elsewhere.

What We Believe:


At OCRSH we recognize relationship and sexual challenges, not as an exception in life, but part of the human condition and lifespan. We at OCRSH also know that sexuality can be hard to celebrate so we also encourage our  those who are looking to maintain, improve to a lesser extent, or be proactive about their relationship and sexual health and wellness needs to reach out. Addressing relationship and sexual health does not always need to include a crisis or a significant challenge.

What We Address:


At OCRSH we believe that increasing relational and sexual satisfaction in a  proactive manner is an excellent strategy for increasing and maintaining a higher quality of life in a multifaceted way. Providers are trained and comfortable in working with individuals who are coming in due to conflict in their relationships due to relational and sexual difficulties, monogamous or non-monogamous relationships, sexual dysfunction for all persons, LGBTQIA+, postpartum difficulties, gender transition/questioning, general sexual health exploration, sexuality disability, aging, infidelity, sexual compulsion, problematic pornography use, marriages/relationships in crisis, intensive couples sessions, concerns about infertility, developmental adjustment difficulties, and more.

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