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(Pronouns: She/her/Dr)

Dr. Ashley is a genuine, direct, and dedicated sexual health practitioner who is interested in helping to guide you in finding personal fulfillment and happiness in the relationships in your life while using a systemic approach to address relational and sexual challenges in the "here and now" through her sexual health coaching approach. The end goal of this head-on approach is the development of a clear and actionable plan for both couples, those in partnered/non-monogamous systems, and individuals in a clear, concise and manner. If you are looking for a "smile and nod" professional to work with, then Dr. Ashley is NOT your gal. Dr. Ashley believes, wholeheartedly, that neutrality will only go so far, especially where universal challenges in relationships and sexuality are concerned. Because most relational and sexual issues can be resolved without the use of intensive therapeutic approaches, Dr. Ashley moves to create a customized, solution-focused plan for every individual, couple, and partnered system she works with.  


Wasting time is not Dr. Ashley's "jam," and thus, she is highly focused on a thorough intake process in order to facilitate getting to the core issues that are contributing to the challenges that are at the forefront of anyone seeking Dr. Ashley's services. Concrete strategies, inclusive of a holistic view, are implemented using what Dr. A refers to as a "directly compassionate" approach that moves to create a setting in which any and all things can be discussed in a vulnerable and safe way. 

Whether the challenges a person is facing pertain to their relationship with themselves, partners, and/or friends and family members, Dr. Ashley's uniquely provocative approach is designed to help folx traverse life's most complex challenges. It is her personal and professional philosophy that life's challenges are best navigated by facing the storms of life head on. "Nobody has time for a herd of elephants in the room," she has been known to say. If you are looking for a candid, multiculturally-sensitive, LGBTQIA+, poly, and/or kink-friendly, down-to-earth and seasoned  coach/consultant/educator, you have come to the right place.

Although Dr. Ashley operates in virtual, private practice setting at this time, she gives credit to her origin story working with sexual issues. She began her work doing community advocacy work in the sexual assault and domestic violence realm working with gender, racial, spiritual, and cultural minorities as well as many other marginalized groups, including but not limited to, sex workers and former sex workers. She began said work in the community in 2003 and worked as an advocate, educator and trainer in this work and beyond. Following these experiences, her work continued as a licensed professional for many years within the in-home context and has been working in practice since 2008. Since then, Dr. Ashley has transitioned into the realm of coaching/consulting/education, which has allowed her to focus on the "here and now" as. well as the future functioning,  those who seek her help. Although a therapy approach using trauma-focused interventions approach may be required in some cases, relational and sexual issues can often be resolved in 60-80% of the of the time through a coaching approach and do not require therapy at all, as demonstrated by research within the sexual health field through the PLISSIT Model (Annon, 1978). When an intensive therapy approach is required, Dr. Ashley has an extensive network of practitioners within the sexual health therapy/counseling, and healthcare fields who can work with those who are seeking to provider to treat physiological concerns that impact relational and/or sexual functioning or for those who are seeking the treatment of diagnosable mental and emotional disorders, which are not the purpose of Dr. Ashley's coaching practice model. 


Dr. Ashley earned her doctoral degree in Counselor Education & Supervision: Marriage & Family Therapy Track through which she gained extensive experience as a clinician, educator, researcher, and supervisor. She has provided sexuality education on the national level and has created and continues to create curriculum that moves to teach her clients and other professionals about human sexuality for which she is truly passionate. 

Dr. Ashley has extensive training in individual, relationship-based, and sex therapy approaches and works with a wide variety of concerns using a solution-focused, systemic, coaching approach. She is a kink, poly, and LGBTQIA+ friendly sex & relationship consultant/coach/educator who specializes in working with sexual health concerns with a particular focus on couples' issues in both monogamous and multi-partnered relationships. Areas of specialty include:


  • Sexual and relationship enhancement/satisfaction

  • Increasing Sexual Health and Body Positivity by de-constructing unhealthy narratives

  • Working with Kink/BDSM

  • Navigating Monogamous and Non-Monogamous Relationships (including ENM, Poly, those in the Lifestyle (Swingers), and any other relationship structure that is considered alternative) in respect to:

    • Defining sexual/intimacy/relation​ship-based needed

    • Navigating healthy boundaries

  • Sexual Dysfunction in Non-binary and Cis-gender folx including but not limited to:​​

    • Limited Awareness of Sexual Anatomy​

    • Challenges with Sexual Desire/Arousal

    • Working with those hoping to Navigate Sexual Challenges in Partnered Relationships

    • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure/Masturbation Habits

    • Infertility

  • LGBTQIA+ Populations

  • Sexuality and Aging

  • Gender affirmation and Gender Transition

  • Sexuality and Disability

  • Postpartum and Perinatal Challenges,

  • Sexually Problematic Behaviors

  • Healing from Infidelity 

  • Assisting Parents/Caregivers in developing a more Sex Positive Approach to Raising Sexually Healthy Children and Adolescents


 Dr. Ashley is open to working with individuals, couples, and partnered systems from all walks of life, races, spiritual/religious affiliations, and cultural identities. She has adopted a "directly compassionate" approach in which she encourages those she works with to "take no shit" in regards to their emotional health and well being, and become the best advocates they can be in all areas of their lives so they can live life the highest quality of life with confidence and joy.

"Life is short and challenging. As humans, engaging our sexuality can be and become the 'free fun' that we have at our disposal if we choose to get to know what is included in this part of our identities, allow it to evolve, and are willing to address the stigma and challenge that is part of the lifespan for us all."

If you have a question you have never addressed with anyone, feel that there is something wrong with who you are in your relationships and sex life, don't hesitate to reach out. Chances are, the obstacle you are facing is part of a season of life that and can absolutely be improved if you are willing to address it in the safe, direct, and goal-oriented manner provided by Dr. Ashley.


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