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Treatment Providers at the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health provide a range of services and modalities to address the difficulties that individuals and partnered relationships may face.  

Regardless of the therapy modality, change requires a willingness to address the challenges that one is facing in their lives. By examining the wounds, hardships, and successes that have been encountered, a greater understanding can be reached, and a better quality of life attained.

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Individual Therapy is designed to address the unique needs of each individual. A client-centered approach is used in order to create appropriate treatment goals and objectives based on each individual's treatment concerns. One of the main goals of this form of therapy is to allow each person the opportunity to define the discrete and entwined roles that they play in the various facets of their lives.  Using this awareness allows them to live a more fulfilled, empowered, and complete life with themselves and with those whom they hold most dear.

Family Therapy is guided by a relationship-based family systems approach, which is used to assess the nature and severity of the difficulties being faced within the family milieu.  If individual members' difficulties warrant further exploration, family therapy can still take place while individual family members receive individual or couples treatment from another therapist. The goal of family therapy is to create cohesive and healthy family functioning.

Couples/Partnered Relationship Therapy is utilized to help committed couples/partnered relationships address the challenges that they face in their relationship with each another. The assessment process consists of three sessions: the initial session with all partners present, which is then followed by separate, individual sessions where each partner meets with the therapist individually to determine the direction of treatment in a more defined manner. Subsequent sessions are held with all members present as therapy progresses in order to address the difficulties and change needed in the partnered system.

Sex Therapy as a modality can be conducted with individuals and/or partnered relationships, depending on the nature of the treatment needs.  A medically-informed approach, in conjunction with the use of emotional and relationship principles are used in this approach to therapy.  Through the process of a thorough assessment of all factors at play in an individual's or partnered person's life, including exploration of the individual's and/or each parnter's sexual history and developmental experiences/needs, the direction of the therapy will be determined collaboratively.  Concerns that are often presented in this modality include male and female sexual dysfunction, low sexual desire, sexless relationships, paraphilias, sexual abuse/trauma and the effects on current relationships and sexual functioning, sexual anxiety, sexual fetishism, sexually compulsive behaviors, pelvic pain, infertility, infidelity, and gender and/or sexual identity exploration. 

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