Cost and Methods of Payment

There are a few methods/sources for payment, as follows: 




Coverage for services by insurance may vary from clinician to clinician at the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health.  In addition, your coverage may vary dependent upon the specifics of your plan.  *Please be aware that the amount you are responsible toward your deductible and/or co-pay are due at the time of service. 


The insurance policies that Ashley Grinonneau-Denton, Ph.D., PCC-S, IMFT-S, CST is currently paneled under are as follows:

*Medical Mutual
​*Mutual Health (Tier 2)
*United Behavioral Healthcare


The insurance policies that R. Brian Denton, Psy.D. is currently paneled under is as follows:

*Medical Mutual of Ohio 

*Mutual Health (Tier 3)


*Caresource Marketplace 



For insurance policies that a provider is not covered by, you may have the option to see them as an "Out of Network Provider." 


Most insurance companies will reimburse an amount for therapy services that are provided by clinicians outside of their network.  However, this differs by insurance company and by the type of policy that you are covered under.  If this is an option you are considering, we highly recommend calling your individual policy provider for details about your Out-of-Network coverage.  When receiving services under this option, you are responsible for the full fee at the time of service.  Your provider will submit a Super-Bill to your insurance provider in order to have them reimburse you the covered amount provided through your policy.



All clinicians accept self-pay clients.  Hourly rates for each provider may vary slightly, so please direct any questions about specific rates to the clinician you are interested in seeing. 



For Ashley Grinonneau-Denton, Ph.D., PCC-S, IMFT-S, CST, and R. Brian Denton, ,Psy.D. current rates are as follows:


Individual Therapy: $175 for the initial assessment (1.5 hrs.)*, or $150 for an initial session of (1 hr.) which includes a thorough sexual history assessment, and $130 for therapy appointments (1 hr.) after the initial assessment.

Couples and Family Therapy:  $285 for the initial assessment (1.5 hrs.)*, and $150 for therapy appointments (1 hr.) after the initial assessment. For couples seeking therapy, the intake appointment includes an online couple's assessment that is included in the cost. 


*Please note that if using insurance, they will typically only cover a maximum of an hour, and the remainder of the initial appointment will be the client's responsibility. 


Reminder: Fees for other clinicians may differ depending on specific provider. Please request that information from the provider you are interested in working with.  


Sliding Fee:

If life finds you in a position that makes it difficult to seek therapy services due to financial hardship, there is a sliding fee scale option for those that meet criteria.  Sliding fee rates are based on total household income and are set based on definitions in relation to the Federal Poverty line.  If you are interested in this option, please view the sliding fee scale document here.


While this option is made available to help those in need, it is to the therapist's discretion how many sliding fee clients are seen at a given time.  Depending upon how many sliding fee scale cases are currently active, this may not be an option.