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How Pill Culture Affects Young Men

Despite the progress, our culture has made when it comes to sex positivity, sexual myths are still abundant. Many of these sexual myths affect young people who don’t have access to proper sexual health education. Today we’re taking a closer look at how sexual myths and pill culture affect young men in particular.

Erectile Dysfunction Myths

Erectile dysfunction (E.D.) is misunderstood in our culture. Common myths are that the condition only affects older men, that it’s “all in your head,” or that a pill is the only solution available. The reality is that various factors can lead to erectile dysfunction, some of which are physical and others that are psychological. Because there are many different causes, treatment options will vary drastically from patient to patient. Treatment plans may include a combination of therapy and medication, or another health condition may need to be addressed in order to effectively treat E.D. Unfortunately, our culture’s closed-door attitude towards sexual health along with a lack of adequate sexual education helps to perpetuate these myths.

Consequences of Pill Culture

Modern medicine saves lives. However, with all the progress we’ve made, new challenges have arisen. One of those challenges is the “pill culture” that’s grown out of their accessibility. This culture of pill-popping sends the message that pills are almost always the best treatment option for any ailment. As people seek quick fixes in pill form, they’re failing to identify or the root of their problems, and may only be temporarily masking symptoms. This is an all-too-common occurrence in young men who struggle with sexual issues such as E.D., yet this sexual myth continues to saturate our culture.

Young Men and Pill Culture

Pills may be a good solution for some people, but not for everyone. Because our culture normalizes pill taking, young men believe that answer to their problems can be found in a pill box. However, a pill may not always be the right treatment option. For example, young men may reach for pills to cure their performance anxiety when other methods of treatment, such as therapy, may be more beneficial. As a result, their performance anxiety may not be resolved, and their erectile function may persist.

Alternative Options

Sexual myths and pill culture create an environment based on fear and quick fixes. Instead of focusing on fixing unwanted symptoms, we should be digging deeper to identify the exact cause of a condition. There are alternative treatment options for physical and emotional ailments that may be a more beneficial solution. Various forms of therapy can help solve common issues instead of just masking them (or making matters worse). If you’d like to learn more about alternative treatment options that may work for you, contact us today.

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