The Marginalization of Sexuality in the Medical Field: The Reality & Why It Matters

Sexuality is a natural part of overall human health. However, the medical industry has marginalized it for years. Recently, society’s perspective of sexuality has been shifting from a taboo to what it truly is —totally normal. Still, sexuality continues to be widely misunderstood, and as a result, misrepresented in the medical world and within society at large. Today, we’re discussing the reality of this marginalization, the consequences, and why learning about sexuality is so important.

Sexual Health Services

The marginalization of sexuality in the medical field takes several forms. To begin, sexual health services in the United States are seriously lacking. While it’s the norm to schedule regular check-ups and screenings with doctors such as a primary care provider or dentist, sexual health screenings are far less common. Because they aren’t openly discussed or encouraged, many people miss out on receiving proper sexual health care. This includes mental sexual health issues that go ignored due to a lack of available resources. Disparities involving race, gender, and socioeconomic status add another layer to the issue. For example, certain communities are at higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, yet they lack the resources for testing or treatment.

Sexual Education