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One of the most common issues we see homeowners make during a renovation is changing their minds halfway through the project. Second-guessing your design, changing your mind, or planning as you go can add thousands to your budget. The time and money it takes : to make last-minute changes can be detrimental to your wallet and can bring , unnecessary stress to your kitchen remodel. Therefore, we recommend planning your design as thoroughly as possible before you begin renovation. If working with a design-build firm, like Gallery, keep in mind there are various specialties of staff who handle all intricacies of the renovation process on your behalf design, architect, project management, material procurement, permit procurement, board approval. This full-service approach carries a cost, so it’s important to make sure you are comparing services and not just price.redoing wood cabinetsA few weeks ago a reader requested advice on refinishing his kitchen cabinets with milk paint. He wondered whether he could apply the paint over the existing finish after appropriate prep work or would need to strip the doors, drawer faces, and face frames down to bare wood. , I told him Id answer , his questions here in a post. Wood is a widely used home construction material in the United States. The timeless beauty, durability, versatility, insulating properties, and ease of working make wood a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike. Also, the majority of homes nationwide contain wooden elements. You know, its funny, but sometimes one wood can actually CANCEL another one out as in 8216too much of a good thing. Wood comes to life when it has something to work off of, something to play with and when you have wood on wood on wood 8211 its not always good. And I advise clients ALL the time to NOT paint wood this/that, but it sounds like in your case, you might actually not be doing the wood any justice 8211 thats my 2 bits anyway 🙂cost of kitchen cabinets and countertopsObvious signs of damage to cabinets are easy to spot. However, other signs are more subtle but still important when considering replacing your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes the cabinet box is so worn out that it wonrsquot , support new screw holes for updated hardware. In addition, the cabinets might also be physically softmdashso much so that they move when pushed. This can also cause the countertop to tilt to one side so that pencils are forever at risk of rolling off. Cabinet doors and drawers that stick or wonrsquot open or close easily are also another sign that they need replacing. And seriously funky smells that donrsquot dissipate with cleaning mean that cabinets simply need to be torn out and replaced. We understand the challenges that come with choosing new cabinets and countertops, however we are here to guide you through the process! We offer complimentary in-home measurements and our designers provide 3D renderings to present a variety of ideas on how to convert an old space into a gorgeous new room. They will communicate with you to produce the best possible design based on their professional knowledge and your preferences. """"""


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